Local Government Training Seminar In Your Community!

Copperhead Consulting Services
Training Seminar
Rolling Back Local Government

Friday, 6:00pm thru 8:30pm

The Economic Big Picture, Made Local
Economic Impact on Local Government and How to Exploit It
End Session

Saturday, 9:30am thru 5:00pm

Confrontational political approach vs. the access based approach, putting people in office.
Analyzing a local government’s (CAFR) Comprehensive
Annual Financial Report
Unfunded Pension Liabilities Made Local
Learning Bureaucrat’eeze And Exploiting It
Public Records Request
Fund-Raising / letter writing (finding lists)
Messaging to Community
Local Media
Direct Mail and Grassroots Ground game (tiger teams coming)
Social Media (FB, Twitter, & Email)
Automated Calling/Texting
How to Build An Effective Local Political Video
Closing comments 

It’s the war stories that come up in the Q & A periods that make the principles taught in these classes come alive.
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Dorr is unique, said Nolan. “I don’t think anybody else is doing it.”
Fred Nolan, Executive Director of the
Minnesota Rural Education Association

Your presentation was excellent.  I have been working on bond initiatives for years and picked up some excellent tips from you. Local governments spend a lot of our money “educating” the public and essentially encouraging them to approve more debt.  Taxpayers can learn a lot from you on how we can stop leaving future generations a legacy of debt.  Thanks for all you do!
Peggy Venable, Director
Americans for Prosperity, Austin, Texas

I learned a TON from your seminar, and Austin will not know what hit them when we start applying all these things….
Dr. Norman Horn, Austin, TX

By the way, there were some folks that I sent your way as well who may be interested in your services. We look forward to seeing you again!
Luis LaRotta, Houston Energy Advisory Council, Houston, TX

It was an honor and a privilege to hear your training.  Thank you again.

Cooper Jackson, Houston, TX

“Don E. Lifto, Springsted Vice President and Client Representative, spoke at the Minnesota Association of School Administrators/Minnesota Administrators for Special Education (MASA/MASE) Spring Conference on March 16, 2006.  His topic was School Finance Election & the Paul Dorr Factor: Get Ready or Get Defeated.  www.Springsted.com

Lifto works for a bond company that pockets large bond issuance fees, funded by taxpayers.  He is a national expert on helping school districts pass bonds at the ballot box authoring  the book School Finance Elections: A Comprehensive Planning Model for Success. 

Roll Back Local Government