Campaign Finance and Disclosure Rules

Copperhead provides a fund-raising service for local ballot campaign committees who need the assistance.  We can either help raise funds from the local business or agricultural community (usually being unjustly singled out) or with our new tool that employs automated dialing to do very low-cost community wide solicitation and receiving donations.  It's new and if you want more information please inquire by contacting us.  See below.

State laws generally dictate who can donate to a committee, how the money can be spent, how to account for them, maximum donations amounts (if any), how your public campaign message must disclose itself, etc.   In Copperhead's experience, state laws regarding local ballot elections are fairly uniform across the country and are not difficult to administer.  Keep in mind this is not a state-wide ballot election, nor is it a state or federal candidate election which has more stringent rules.  In every state Copperhead has worked, corporations are allowed to give unlimited amounts to a local ballot committee.  This is normally not the case in other elections. 

One of our services is to help the committee treasurer understand and apply the rules required and to file disclosures on a timely basis.  If this is new to you, get a head start and check out the regulatory body in your state at the site found below.

Check Here

(See the bottom of the page to search by state and to find the link to each state's website.)

Then if you want to inquire about fund-raising services or how to set up your local committee, please Contact Us Here

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