Welcome to Roll Back Local Gov website sponsored by Copperhead Consulting Services (Copperhead). Copperhead provides consulting services in political and financial matters designed to start rolling back the cost and spending patterns of local government. Copperhead has served clients in nine states ranging from South Carolina to South Dakota and from Minnesota to Texas.

Copperhead begins by helping clients build local political credibility through defeating local funding proposals, which are required by law, to receive voter approval. Levies, ‘Opt Out’s” and general obligation bonds are our specialty. Copperhead clients have defeated nearly 80% of funding proposals (ranging from $5 million to $1.2 billion) we’ve competed inBut CCS doesn’t stop there. Anticipating monetary disorder and a collapsing dollar Copperhead is preparing local organizations to take political advantage of the looming wave of bankruptcies, municipal bond defaults, collapsing tax revenues and loss of federal and state subsidies. In the midst of federal funding disunity we see great opportunities for those who want reduced government. But it needs local leadership.  Copperhead is here to help you set that up.

We believe some of the greatest oppression of the middle class which starts in Washington and our state capitals is then meted out through local jurisdictions.  This makes it harder to combat. We can help you do it with grace and courage, while achieving tremendous results. Thank you and please browse this site for more information and proven tools that can be very valuable to new local leaders.

–Paul R. Dorr, Owner

Roll Back Local Government