Principles & Goals

Copperhead Consulting Services (Copperhead) doesn't train you how to engage local political leaders – those responsible for the run-away spending in your community – in a way to befriend them. Nor do we assist you in convincing them with the "impressive" powers of our rhetorical persuasion that these officials must stop buying off their many special interest friends – those who keep them in office in return for massive allocations of your tax dollars. That game has worked thus far for them and they aren't going to change now.

We can assist you in confronting and, most often, defeating their un-checked spending proposals which need voter approval and can help with campaigns to turn them out of office. We can assist your efforts to replace them with vetted, sound fiscal and moral office holders. We can aid you in building a grass-roots base that can be mobilized to help achieve these goals.

Copperhead does not care what the party affiliation is and has long held to a maxim that the big-government proposals which the Democrats threaten are actually enacted when big-government Republicans deliver the critical votes.   Or vice-versa. We've been divided too long on partisan lines.  At the same time there are serious issues in both parties that Copperhead actively opposes. It's principle, not party.

We need to unify on sound money, limited government, and addressing social needs by local churches and private associations. The result, in the midst of a collapsing monetary system (losing its value due to our massive debts), will be the beginning of a restoration of the middle class and the taking back of most of our government to the local level. If you want to make friends in local politics or see this as an extension of your social life, then Copperhead is not here to help you.

But if you want to stop your run-away local officials and expose, if not shut down the special interest network of contractors, union leaders, lawyers, developers, bankers, bond-dealers and local media (all working in unison against your middle class base, leading to the possible bankruptcy of your local government(s)), then Copperhead can help. Your local officials have likely  not met opposition like we can help create. It's professional and there is one thing CCS's track record has proven – You CAN defeat them!

Our guiding principle is that we do this all for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ! With the restoration of the true Christian church and families, the need for such massive local government will collapse. If you don't think Christians are qualified for this engagement or should even be involved in such, Copperhead Consulting Service would challenge you to spend a bit more time on our site, join a blog to participate in a few discussions, check out our track record and then decide if we are qualified or not. Meanwhile, we will work with anyone, if their goal is to roll back their local government.

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