Problem With Architects

Many architects are routinely letting their conflict of interests get in the way of taxpayers, while serving on some board-appointed Feasibility Study Committee or Facilities Planning Committee for a school district, city or county building project.  Often a rehabilitation of an older building genuinely in need of upgrades, is ruled out.  They may not have the specialty or have other firm limitations which then impact recommendations The National Trust for Historic Preservation has prepared a helpful paper on this possible conflict with architects as applied to school buildings.  The conflicts are the same at any level of local government.  Copperhead has highlighted certain portions on the first two pages of this report.  You can find it here.

But the challenges can soon become a problem when their very survival is on the line. 

In the 10/25/10 issue of Architectural Record   C.J. Hughes reported on the major salary cuts many architects have been forced to take the last few years and, how much higher the unemployment rate currently is among architects than the public as a whole.  The article says that in western states it is as high as 20% unemployed architects, while in Montana it is 30%.  Architectural firms were driven into the public sector building programs and for a few years could spend Obama’s stimulus money.  But that’s run out!  Can you now imagine any greater incentive for such architects to stretch the truth a wee bit in a Feasibility Study or Facilities Plan, then their own potential survival?

Copperhead can help you flush this out in such reports you might be facing in your community.  If you need help Contact US here.


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