Problem With Bureaucrats

Could this by why so many government bureaucrats are so often brutal?

“….work is the calling of God’s people in the restored creation (Rev. 22:3)….Work in itself is not necessarily of any significance; work can sometimes be used to degrade and destroy man instead of furthering his dominion.  Dostoyevsky described the shattering effect of meaningless work; convicts could be demoralized and broken by being required to do some pointless task such as carrying rocks from one pile to another, and then carrying them back again. Meaningless work is thus alien to the purpose of labor under God.

Meaningless work does not gain value by being well paid work….The material rewards could not compensate for a meaningless and dishonest position, for an enforced compliance to a hateful regime.  There was no sense of dominion in such work.

Basic to true work is that it must further man’s calling to exercise dominion under God.  A man must feel more a man because of his work; more secure in his status as head of a household, a member of society, and a man before God. Work that is sterile in relationship to man’s calling to exercise dominion will gradually reduce man to impotence in more ways than one. 

The separation of work from dominion is catastrophic for man and society. It leads to the spiritual sickness of man and to the decline of his culture.  It can lead, in some cultures, to the brutalization of man.”

Revolt Against Maturity, Rousas J. Rushdoony, p. 18-19, Thoburn Press, © 1977

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