Subtle Tipping Of Elections

Location Influences Voters

At Copperhead we fight to win by a sound margin, but on close races subtle influences can turn an election against you. In the case of school elections consider this study below.

“The voting location may tip the balance on some election issues. Researchers examine the 2000 Arizona general election that included a proposed tax increase to support school initiatives. After controlling for political preference and zip codes, the researchers found that voters casting ballots at schools tended to support the measure (63.6 percent in favor) more so than those at nonschool booths (56.3 percent). A follow-up experiment revealed that voters could be subconsciously “primed” with images of lockers and classrooms with a hypothetical tax for school spending.  The July 1 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA contains the findings.”  Scientific American, September 2008, p. 36.

An abstract of the study can be found here.

The summary of the study  can be found here.

Write a letter to the county or school district election officials well before the next school election comes along.  Send them this study.  Ask the election officials to de-commission a school precinct voting location, if the question on the ballot has to do with more money for the public school.   If they agree, recognize their action and commend them for it.  If they refuse and have no credible reason, then exploit their lack of equity!  The unfairness of such actions can be a significant factor in tipping voters back in our direction at the next school funding election.

Most voters want to see ‘fair-play’ and will be bothered by cheating.  Many will likely be bothered enough to vote NO!

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