Nonprofit Corporations

Now you've had a big victory!  Are you ready for a Nonprofit corporation to continue educating the local public?

When a community group, resisting increased local government spending and taxes, organizes a local ballot committee to campaign and experiences a resounding victory they often want to to continue forward with their social welfare efforts of educating local citizens on issues of local government.  But the local ballot committee in most states only has limited usefulness for the campaign just completed. 

You might want to seek out a local lawyer to draft up and file articles of incorporation for a not-for-profit corporation under the laws governing such corporations in your state and then secure a 501 c(4) Nonprofit coproration status from the IRS.  To get some basic information from the IRS on a 501 c(4) Nonprofit status check Here.

Sound expensive and too complicated?  it's not, especially when you follow the steps outlined by our friend Christian LeFer at his Get Nonprofit Status website. We have a client who has followed his program and secured their 501 c(4) status much quicker and more smoothly than most lawyers will be able to accomplish.  Check out Christian's website Here.

There is going to be future tools of email broadcasting with embedded YouTube videos of local government and more exciting things coming here at Copperhead Consulting.  Your vehicle to advance your community betterment in this programs will be a Nonprofit corporation.  Get started soon!

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